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1. Why should I use your VoIP services?

At Angstle’s, our VoIP solutions utilizes technology that can help clients manage VoIP services effectively. With features like Call Routing Management, Client management and Reporting and the provision of offering retail services in the market through the many VoIP products we have, our VoIP services excel in many ways to help our clients stay ahead from competition.

2. Is cloud telephony right for my business?

With the help of cloud telephony you will be able to make phone solutions more viable in your business. The ability to eliminate the traditional phone system which limits accessibility of the phones to the premises only, and the flexibility of cloud telephony makes it a splendid solution for just about any business.

3. What makes your security solutions better?

Our continuous efforts to fortify the security systems that we provide ensuring that we are able to provide a system which helps our clients handle security threats more effectively makes our security systems better. From CCTV surveillance systems to Fire Alarm Systems, our security system aims at covering your needs effectively and in the most affordable ways.

4. Can Pay Per Click Advertising really help my business?

PPC, short for Pay Per Click is helpful for companies trying to promote their products and services using the search engine sponsored listings which appear either at the top or right of the search engine results. It can be helpful for your business if you are trying to gain visibility and increase your presence on the internet. You can set a limit on the amount you are prepared to spend because you are charged every time a person clicks on the advert.

5. Do you provide responsive web design solutions?

Yes. With the reach of the internet being beyond the humble desktop, we develop websites that are accessible on mobile phones and tablets too. If you currently have a website that does not work well on other screens then you may be missing out on many of your users. We aim at enhancing the potential of every website by making them completely responsive.

6. Can I make changes to my website in the future after it is completed?

We utilize the technology of Content management System, CMS, for customers who require their websites to be customizable so that they do not have to continuously ask us to make the changes. Instead, they have the ability to make simple and small changes on their own.

7. Do you provide customer support?

We provide round the clock support to all our customers so that they do not have to worry about something that they are not able to understand regarding the product or service they are using. We provide assistance in the form of phone, chat and email.

8. I want to expand my website to include sales as well. Can you do that?

We provide ecommerce development so we can create websites where your customers can shop online. We have different designs and a variety of framework on which your website can be built depending on your needs.
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