At Angstle
Our company and our culture are our life's work!

Software It's our craft


We have set some quality standards and we make sure meet them before delivery.


That anyone can observe seeing our vast range of power packed products and services.


Creativity is a culture here at Angstle. We apply it in everything we do.

Digital Agility

ensuring businesses adapt and respond rapidly to dynamic business scenarios.

Why Angstle

A focus on what matters

Angstle aims to provide state of the art telephony and location services to its clients, which help them monetize their investments with the use of best in class technology. Many of our clients are not completely aware of the market, their target users and the manner in which they can utilize the solutions provided by us.

Private and profitable

In a company where technology is the driving force, Angstle’s founders believe in building a team that finds motivation in the satisfaction of our clients. We want telephony services to be more transparent making it easy for our clients to understand the complexities of the business. Today, we provide the most advanced telephony services along with insights of the industry to help our clients build a stronger business.

Breadth with real depth

We empower our clients to make informed decision using solutions that we provide through our telephony services. Our foundations lie on the strong values of quality, versatility and integrity. We establish relationships that last because we provide our clients with the support they need to build their business.

dwell upon Creativity & Innovation

We gloat at our client’s success from behind the scenes. Our technology team continues to support the building of new products using new and advanced technology while our R&D team specializes in research that leads to the successful creation of products and services that we provide to our clients. Regular feedback from our clients ensures that our technology and R&D team offer the best solutions. We work closely between the two teams to seamlessly bind the different processes of creating the solutions we offer.

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